Get Ready For Painless Natural Delivery

Though the birth of a child is the most anticipated moment in their life, every "mom to be" has this common fear when their delivery date approaches; the fear of labor pain! But with the emergence of technology in the medical field, all you expectant mothers can have a natural but painless delivery and bring your child into the world! Yes, you heard it right! We, at Greenview Medical Center, provides you with painless delivery assistance which is comfortable and stress-free, moreover, it is cost effective too. Even though all these benefits are presented, you would still have some doubts, 'coz you don't want to take any risks when it comes to childbirth. Here' s us answering some of the commonly asked questions.

How is it done?

Epidural anesthesia facilitates painless delivery in the natural style. In this technique, a small injection is taken in your lower back, via which a small fine tube named epidural catheter is passed into your back so that drugs can be injected through it to relieve labor pain. With an epidural, you can feel the contractions but not the pain.

How do the drugs work?

The drugs cause numbing of the nerves which in turn reduces the pain without affecting the ability to move. The drugs have no sedating effect; neither on the mother nor the baby.

Who can opt for this technique?

Any type of medication gives the best results, only when taken under a doctors guidance and advise. This technique is suitable for almost all women (especially for the ones with heart problems), except for those who are on blood thinning drugs or abnormal blood tests.

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  • During severe pain, mother secretes hormones which give distress to the baby, but through epidural anesthesia the mother and the baby are comfortable.
  • Brings down high B.P.
  • Faster delivery
  • Good for patients with heart-related diseases.

Prerequisites for Epidural Anesthesia

In order to rule out risk factors, certain tests and examinations are carried out by an anesthetist. A blood test is taken if required with the consent of the patient and the procedure is explained.

Will the labor progress without being aware of the pain?

Epidural anesthesia reduces the pain caused by the uterus contractions, it does not affect the intensity and frequency of contractions. So, the answer is a yes, the progress of labor is unaffected.

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Increase The Pregnancy Rate With IVF Procedure

In vitro fertilization is the modern Assistant Reproductive Technology (ART) which treats infertile couple successfully. When the normal fertility failures, then IVF gives a great hope. In this procedure, an egg and sperm are fertilized in the laboratory and then deposited into the uterus with essential growth conditions.

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IVF Procedure

Phase I: Firstly, the patient is administered with fertility drugs to stimulate ovum production. Generally, multiple ovum production is expected as some eggs may not develop or fertilize after the retrieval process. The ovaries are examined with a Transvaginal Ultrasound and blood test, which is performed to check out the hormone levels.

Phase II: The matured eggs are retrieved with a minor surgery and placed in a sterile container along with a hormonal support. During the procedure, medication is given to the patient to reduce the physical discomfort.

Phase III: The partner is asked to produce sufficient sperms. The eggs and motile sperms are mixed for the fertilization and development of a healthy embryo.

Phase IV: Finally, one or a few healthiest embryos are transferred into the uterine cavity for the development. That’s how the IVF treatment is completed. Rest of the embryos is preserved for any future requirement.

Who does need IVF?

  • Decreased sperm count and motility
  • Woman with uterine fibroids, premature ovarian failure, and ovulation disorders
  • Woman with blocked/damaged/removed fallopian tubes
  • Individuals with genetic disorder
  • Unexplained fertility issues

Post - IVF Procedure

The patient is advised to take complete rest at least for a whole day after the IVF procedure. Commonly, some of the following symptoms may be experienced which is normal.
  • Mild bloating
  • Constipation
  • Mild Cramping
  • Breast tenderness
  • Discharge of small amount of fluid from the cervix
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