What Are The Treatment Options Performed For Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?

Recurrent pregnancy loss or a recurrent miscarriage occurs within the first 29 weeks of pregnancy. The causes of recurrent miscarriages are sometimes unknown but this kind of pregnancy loss can be treated. Recurrent pregnancy loss has nothing to do with infertility since infertility is the inability to conceive. When the couple has gone through this miscarriage for three or more times, a thorough diagnosis is required.

The structure of the uterus has a great effect on the pregnancy. Often it has been found that a deformity in the uterus makes it unable to hold the growing embryo.

recurrent pregnancy loss in india

Facts about recurrent pregnancy loss

There are several causes of miscarriages in India. It can be a result of some mishap or the physical condition of the mother. Any sort of infection or internal disorder makes the uterus weak; thereby it’s incapable of holding the growing uterus. Also if the immunity system of the mother is not strong, miscarriage can happen. The only thing you can do to overcome such circumstances is that lead a healthy and safe life. 

How is the condition treated?

Here at Green View Medical Centre, our main is to gift you a healthy and successful pregnancy. A thorough examination is done on the patient. Her medical history and genetic history are checked thoroughly to understand the possible circumstances. As uterus deformity is one of the great factors, we conduct several X-rays, ultrasound scanning and hysteroscopy to check the condition of the uterine cavity and other related organs. 

Other major reasons for miscarriage are abnormal blood clotting and higher LH hormonal level. To deal with this kind of problems high dosage medications are prescribed.

Miscarriage Treatment in india

Why choose us?

We are a team that provides complete care from pregnancy to childbirth. Our only aim is to gift you a completely complication free pregnancy. We have a team of nurses and doctors who are highly experienced in this field and conduct a complete diagnosis of the patient so as to reduce the possibility of miscarriage.

So if you are searching for a clinic that provides the best recurrent pregnancy loss treatment in BangaloreMiscarriage Treatment in India contact us now and have a discussion with our experts.

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Believe in the best - IVF for low sperm count and motility

In 40% of infertile couples, the male partner is either the contributing or sole cause of infertility. Hence, doing semen analysis earlier is important to evaluate the couple seeking fertility treatment. Over 90% of male infertility cases are due to low sperm count or poor sperm quality by shape/movement. In such cases IVF (In vitro fertilization), an assisted reproductive method is a great gift to the male partners to enhance their heredity.


How does low sperm count affect fertility?

A man has to produce millions of sperms from his testicles and they need to be delivered to the woman’s uterus to make one lucky sperm to fertilize an egg. So, what does it mean if a man has a low sperm count? Can his partner still get pregnant?

During his ejaculation, a man releases millions of sperms. To make a woman pregnant, a sperm has to swim, through the cervix, uterus, and into the fallopian tube to reach an ovulated egg. A man’s fertility problem is firstly evaluated with semen analysis in which the total sperm count, percentage of motility and their morphology are tested.

If a man has a low sperm count, it does not mean that his partner cannot get pregnant. If his sperms are healthy and motile, then it may take more attempts to conceive.

The sperm count of a man varies from day to day. The factors affecting male fertility are excessive drinking, obesity, smoking, using steroids, exposure to extreme heat, viral illness, and surgeries for a hernia or undescended testis.


Sperm motility:

Sperm motility is the capability of sperm to move efficiently through the reproductive system of the female partner so as to fertilize an egg. Sperm motility is classified into two general types such as Progressive and non-progressive motility. Sperm should have progression motility for egg fertilization.

The causes of low sperm motility:

Infection, Testicular surgery, Undescended testicles, Injury, and testicular cancer are some of the causes of low sperm motility. Besides, Varicocele, using anabolic steroids lowers sperm count as well as motility.

Once a man is diagnosed with low sperm count and motility, he is advised to make some lifestyle changes such as to avoid smoking, to quit smoking, to skip using recreational drugs, to maintain a healthy weight.

Successful assisted reproductive method In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is referred to achieve pregnancy.

GreenView Medical Centre is a renowned multispecialty hospital and they provide the best IVF treatment in Bangalore. The hospital with their well-experienced doctors provide excellent and result oriented treatment for infertility.
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What Are The Treatment Options Performed For Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?

Recurrent pregnancy loss or a recurrent miscarriage occurs within the first 29 weeks of pregnancy. The causes of recurrent miscarriages ar...